Bucky Ball (บัคกี้บอล in Thai) not Buggy Ball!?

Google Doodle Bucky Ball

Since today (4/9/2010) Google introduces Bucky Ball , Buckminsterfullerene to be specific, as its Doodle (wondering what is it? It’s just a changes of Google logo to align with any, mostly historical, significant events of the day). Today I feel like cliking on it and whoops, the first link that appears gave me an ample information of what bucky ball is. Well, that’s normal. But wait, at the lower search result, I notice one of the article that has just been written today! Repeat, Today! Soon enough, I realized that Google Doodle could be a way to promote our site indirectly (as that site did). The only problem is, we will always late for the upcoming event except if you can read Google’s mind. Well, most of us can’t. So this is the experiment. Will the writing of this blog get ranked among other site featuring bucky ball as its content? Ooh, am so excited!