IPEVO Point 2 View USB 書面カメラ, 教育ITソリューション!

アイピーボは教育ITソリューション EXPOに出展致しました

シンプル書画カメラのP2V, WEB会議用スピーカーフォン

もう高価なプロジェクターや書画カメラは必要ありません。 お手持ちのパソコンとインターネット環境をそのまま活用。 PCに接続し、ワンタッチでカメラ映像をフルスクリーンの大画面に表示できます。プラグ&プレイの簡便性と、200万画素の高解像度が自慢。カメラは直接 手に持っても、付属スタンドで固定してもOK。最短5cmの距離まで接写可能で、教育現場、プレゼン、ネット会議など、多岐にわたって大活躍します。

付属品:P2V USBウェブカメラ/専用スタンド/モニター取付け用クリップ/CD-ROM (ソフトウェア、マニュアル)/クイックスタートガイド/保証書


  • 2 Megapixel USB web camera, with macro mode for excellent closeup images
  • Unique, multi-jointed stand, handheld grip, and universal monitor clip for unlimited view options
  • Continuous or single-click autofocus for clarity and sharpness every time
  • One-touch snapshot mode; snapshots can be refined and organized with included software
  • Plug-and-play for both PC and Mac; seamless integration with a wide variety of IM applications


Java still rocks at Screenr.Com! No matter what Oracle has done to Sun!

java rocks

Remember the day Java Applet had drawn our attentions for the utopic vision of ubiquitous platform to run any application virtually on any machine having JVM environment installed. Turns out the technology is of limited uses, not very user friendly, unstable and most annoying of all take a long long time to load. Well, this problem still hasn’t gone away : )

But today to my surprize, I found a web application which makes use of Java Applet to pop-up a window on your desktop (am using Mac OS X Leopard) to do the screen capture and then neatly provide an integrated function with the website for uploading and sharing!

For second time load, it is naturally fast. Experience it by yourselves to believe. Here is the Screenr.Com

This lead me to an enlightment of a good mix of how Java Applet (and some other neighbours like Adobe Air, Silverlight) will create an impact to the online service delivery. Only if…

  1. The service offered must be of enough value that a user feel like to put an effort and time for initial setup (As long as the integration with desktop processing power is yet to become a WWW standard).
  2. The application must make generous use of client processing power or desktop only features otherwise it should better be implemented as Javascript Web2.0 application.
  3. The final, key for success, users don’t want to leave the web and they want to stay connected, feel integrity of user experiences. So, a good integration with the web interface and function is critical and should not be overlooked.

In conclusion, there exist a domain where third party Rich Internet Application run-time environment are of preferrable just like a domain of stand-alone program (which most of them are gradually moving to the web as well e.g.Google Doc). However, these rules are not going to last for long… till the day that OS is tightly integrated with the browser and become a standard… Chrome OS foreseen that day 😀

Supplement reading ? Open Standards Rich Internet Application

Entrepreneur, R u in?

Yes moment!

Wandering around the keyword ‘James Gosling Google’ to catch up with the recent employment news of the father of Java at Google took me to his blog. And in his blog he did mentioned a site which, me too, feel like #re-blogging it! So here is a 100 thoughts you might want to read whether you are an entrepreneur or just a think big salary man : )