Geospatial Beginner’s Good Read

Geographic Coordinates on a sphere
Geographic Coordinates on a sphere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a complete newbie in Geospatial field, I find this article from Jan Philip Matuschek very useful. The article talks about how to efficiently find a Point of Interest within a specific range under geographic coordinate system (Latitude, Longitude) using a bounding box principle.

Even if you haven’t take any introductory class in GIS before, this material is gentle enough as a good starting point for you to research how our earth coordination is being designed and actually do some calculation with it like determining inclusion of any particular coordinate(s) within a radius of a point.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Here are some additional resources I used to refresh some basic knowledges, definitions and terminologies in reading this article.

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My (Geeky) Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

It has been many years in a row you haven’t grant my wishes. In fact, never. I sometimes cast a doubt on why you never sue every department store for mimicking you but never actually giving away free stuff.

I can only guess may be anonymity is so important to you than protecting your intellectual property rights.

Or probably you have to read a million letters sent to you from kids all around the world and it’s so overwhelming that at a point you decided not to give anyone a present because you couldn’t distributed it fairly.

I can’t help but feeling sympathy for you being in such a difficult situation each year.

So I come up with an idea. This year I have no wish for myself, as I always did for many many years but instead I have a wish for YOU.

Probably no one has ever asked one. Trust me I am not going to ask you naughty things.

Dear Santa, I wish you remain myth for the rest of my life.

You are a good representative for true source of imagination. At least during our childhood.

People tend to forget this skill as they grow.

However, there are many still thriving to live their dream.

If you suddenly appear, you will doom those people.

Because if we know you are real, we will be afraid that everything is in a real context of what the world is as we see.

We will have no space for imagination.

And for you, people will say, ok finally there he is Santa!

Your name will be on the news headlines.

You will be questioned a lot in many interviews and TV channels.

You may also become an overnight superstar.

But all these will happen in a few weeks, if not days.

There will be more interesting trends to talk about.

Really, at this point, no one will really care about you, they have works to do.

Kids will start to give you a more demanding presents, knowing your address from Google.

You will have to prepare a good answer for why you can’t deliver all the presents on time and like exact demands.

The world is a busy place, Santa; you probably have known that for long that you never decide to appear in public.

Thank you for always being our imaginary figure, for we learn how to give and teach our children to be well-behaved during Christmas season.

For we know no limit of our imagination, we will keep trying to achieve the unachievable. We will live our dream until it become true under our own hands.

Wanted: Santa Claus
Wanted: Santa Claus (Photo credit: kevin dooley)