MAC Address Spoofing and its’ Countermeasures

Well, it’s all begin from Apple decision to randomize MAC Address sending out in background looking for Access Point, so that its’ users can’t be tracked by marketer or NSA. I should be grateful for this bold move except that my aim is also to use Mac Address as a passive identification method for surveillance, a good cause!! (Well NSA would have say the same anyway)

Now getting on the same boat as NSA guys, (not sure they count me in or not lol), it take me to think what are other method that we can identify unique individual (of course, not to the level of personal identity, no not as much as Facebook) so that I can provide ample monitoring for their abnormal activities.

So I dig into MAC Address spoofing world and its’ counter measure efforts and found all these resources and good read that still give a hope to a guy like me.

As a footnote, sensor data fusion is the key, as long as we can track individual walking along a hallway, MAC Address spoofing will eventually be just an inconvenient.

Good luck!

Want to be a part of Disney world in Japan? Here are the paths you can choose from!

I was asked by someone about how to work for Disney in Japan, even though it’s totally unrelated to my field, I’ve tried researching information and come up with this summary. Thought it might be also useful for others so let me share it here too.

Note: All of the positions I’ve seen require at least basic communication level of Japanese that can be used in daily work. Don’t lose heart, many foreign hotel staffs don’t speak perfect Japanese, you just need to give it a good try.

Ready? Here you are the list.

Disney Hotels Cast


Disney Cast is part-time contract, but it’s valued and considered as a prestigious position to work for. There are a whole lot of duty to choose from depending on your skills. For some examples: shop keeper, guide tour, food service and even a wig cast!?

Give it a try, there is a period for recruitment around Jan-Feb so don’t gaze your eyes away!

Milial Resort Hotels


This is the parent company which manage all Disney hotels (Ambassador, Disneyland, Disneysea), if you want to work as hotel staffs they are hiring permanent, contract, part-time, specialist (e.g. flower arrangement etc.) to be a part of their wonderland.

Please note that in Japan there is a hiring season starting as early as the end of year (Nov – Dec) until before the end of fiscal year (Usually around Jan – Feb) so please keep your eyes on their site. Again, most employment information are in Japanese.

OLC Group

The management company of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. They hire full-time employee as well as part-timers. Watch out for their recruiting announcement.

They even looking for performers! If you can play a musical instrument or two (probably those in a brass band) or you like dancing this is another fun way to be a part of Disney world.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel 

Though not located inside the park, this hotel is a part of disney resorts. It should still give you a magical atmosphere of working. Both permanent and part-time jobs are offered.