Toward Technocratic Utopia Society — Part 1

If money is a mechanism to drive society to create value, why can’t there be alternatives?

How many times we hear people say they want to give back to the community where they living. Someone actually did it through mean of donation, some volunteer.

But everything seems to go too slow from the fact that they still have to make a living. Most of us are not millionaires who has financial freedom. We can only give so much of our money and time. When the economic turmoil come, lesser money will flow in the system, the bottom of capitalism pyramid will be the first to suffer.

See? The economic system that relying on federal money printing has its own limitation. And for smaller country, it’s also subjected to manipulation. Then why can’t we have a system that can sustain such evil influences?

I will continue the explanation in other post. However, I will leave keywords here for my own note, as well as to give you some glimpse of the idea.

– platform for social collaboration
– social contribution point