New fonts don’t show up in Word for Mac 2011?

Newly installed fonts aren’t available for use in Ms Word for Mac 2011.


1) In “Font Book” app, make sure to install fonts system wide (for “Computer” not just “User”) , remove & re-install as needed.

2) Clear font cache. There is an app called Font Nuke that does this. Be warned: save all your works & close all apps before you use this app, it’ll force restart.

3) After reboot, you should see it in font list of Ms Word. Restart Ms Word after first open does help me too in this step.

If all above doesn’t work, check out the following links:

font photo
Photo by FontShop

StarWars Hologram is Becoming Real in Japan!

hologram photo
Photo by m_hweldon

If you haven’t seen this before let me briefly tell you that it’s a research from one of Japan’s national laboratory that beam a laser pulses to create laser plasma in mid-air.

The researchers published their work quite many years ago (around 2006) in an ACM SIG conference. Now they returned with a slickier, miniaturized version!

See to believe right? Just follow the link or see the clip below:

From Lean Production to Lean Publishing?

Just accidentally discovered a site that allow writers to publish early publish often. Seems most of the top sellers are free download on data science books from D. Peng.

Still I find this as a great channel for anyone wanting to write and get noticed at the moment. And it also good for hippy reader alike!

ps. I get no commission or what’s over promoting the site though lol