Common Docker Commands Cheatsheet

Here is my own summary of common docker commands in need for day-to-day uses.

  • See all docker images on the host


docker images


  • Search for docker images on Docker Hub

    docker search <image name>

    docker search gdal

  • Run a docker image (create a docker container instance) and attach to it


docker run -it <docker image name> [command]



docker run -it centos bash


  • Run a docker image in detach mode


docker run -d -it <docker image name> [command]



docker run -d -it centos


  • Exit from docker container and terminate the process




  • Exit from docker container WITHOUT terminating the process


Ctrl-P + Ctrl-Q


  • Commit change made to docker container as a docker image


docker commit -m “<commit msg>” <container id/name> <image name>



docker commit -m “Setup dssat run-time env”  8avc04mn  nabito/centos-dssat


  • Check running docker container


docker ps


  • Check all run docker container (including exited and other status)


docker ps -a


  • Stop a running docker container

    docker stop <container>

  • (Re)Start a stopped (exited) docker container

    docker start <container>

  • Login to an already running docker container  (connect stdio with docker’s PID1 process)


docker attach <container id/name>



docker attach 4sdjn9a3g


  • Execute a command on a running docker container


docker exec -it <container id/name> <command>



docker exec -it 4sdjn9a3g bash


  • View log of a container


docker logs <container id/name>



docker logs 4sdjn9a3g


  • List docker volumes


docker volume ls