Want to be a part of Disney world in Japan? Here are the paths you can choose from!

I was asked by someone about how to work for Disney in Japan, even though it’s totally unrelated to my field, I’ve tried researching information and come up with this summary. Thought it might be also useful for others so let me share it here too.

Note: All of the positions I’ve seen require at least basic communication level of Japanese that can be used in daily work. Don’t lose heart, many foreign hotel staffs don’t speak perfect Japanese, you just need to give it a good try.

Ready? Here you are the list.

Disney Hotels Cast


Disney Cast is part-time contract, but it’s valued and considered as a prestigious position to work for. There are a whole lot of duty to choose from depending on your skills. For some examples: shop keeper, guide tour, food service and even a wig cast!?

Give it a try, there is a period for recruitment around Jan-Feb so don’t gaze your eyes away!

Milial Resort Hotels


This is the parent company which manage all Disney hotels (Ambassador, Disneyland, Disneysea), if you want to work as hotel staffs they are hiring permanent, contract, part-time, specialist (e.g. flower arrangement etc.) to be a part of their wonderland.

Please note that in Japan there is a hiring season starting as early as the end of year (Nov – Dec) until before the end of fiscal year (Usually around Jan – Feb) so please keep your eyes on their site. Again, most employment information are in Japanese.

OLC Group

The management company of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. They hire full-time employee as well as part-timers. Watch out for their recruiting announcement.

They even looking for performers! If you can play a musical instrument or two (probably those in a brass band) or you like dancing this is another fun way to be a part of Disney world.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel 

Though not located inside the park, this hotel is a part of disney resorts. It should still give you a magical atmosphere of working. Both permanent and part-time jobs are offered.

Architecture that Sense vs SmartCity

Architecture that senses and responds
http://www.ted.com/talks/carlo_ratti_architecture_that_sens es_and_responds
Carlo Ratti, director at MIT SENSEable City Lab, started his talk by demonstrating some of real-world example of what is called real-time control system where the object of interest will be sensed and actuated reciprocally. He then argued that the idea of such system could also be applied to city as well.
The important of city come form the facts that although it only consumes 2% of the land on the earth but 50% of world’s population are living in the city, demanding 75% of world’s power consumption.
With an enabling of small sensors those are embedded in many objects around us, it can be thought as if we can communicate with our surrounding environment.
He then gave a concrete example of sensing system. During 2006 in the day of final round soccer’s world cup between Italy and France, he and his research team used cellular network data of mobile phone call to create visualization plotted onto 3D geographical map where the higher the concentration the redder and taller overlay image will become on top of the map. The demo did show an interesting pattern of how people react to event through out the match.
Another example is the tracking of 3,000 trashes by installing GPS sensor that send data back to the server to see where exactly these objects go.
Look at the side of actuator. In Spain, the team has created an exhibition where a novel architecture for exhibition is created using controlled actuator of water curtain that create dropping pattern from the water-filled roof top. The architecture will sense human presence and open up water curtain for people to get in and out. He was surprised to see how people, especially children, discovered creative way to interact with the architecture. The light can also be projected on to water curtain inspiring his next work about the possibility to control visual of each single pixel in the air.
Hence, next example of actuator system is the flying illuminated helicopter creating pixels cloud that can be programmed to form a shape or movement. It can convey meaningful message as well as creating aesthetic presentation. A professional ballet dancer was used as an input model for these artificial fire flyers to follow.
The last example project is aimed to be one of the iconic structures for Olympic 2012. What he proposed is the high- rise architecture that resemble cloud shape where digital display is installed so that images can be displayed on the cloud. This is the concept that shifts paradigm from physical to digital conversion to digital to physical one.
His research shows many novel initiatives with potential implication to people and society based on the concept of
digital sensing and responding. Some of the key ideas like digital city visualization was among the very first pioneer project in the field while some like water curtain programming can be considered as a derivative work in term of creativity.
Rather than visualizing data from sensors, I expected some meaningful data analysis result that could produce some valuable information in the aspect that no one has ever think of before. It is no wonder that this TED talk can only get just an average popularity on the Internet. The reason why I decided to summarize this one is due to the title and profile of speaker.
Another ironic experiment is the installation of GPS sensors with communication capability to send data back to server. Since the whole point of doing the project is to create awareness of where trashes travel after we dump it. The sensor equipment itself must also incur a very high budget cost which in the end become waste by its own.
However, this is not to say that their works are little of economic or academic value, but there is still a huge room for improvement. For an example, illuminated helicopter that represents flying pixels has been achieved by Japanese researcher using totally different technique. In Japan, the researcher used high power laser to produce oxidization in the air to create plasma illumination. Though it’s not safe to come into physical contact directly, this technique can be reprogrammed to create a fine-grain holographic in the air compare to coarse-grain helicopter pixel.
Relation to my research
I’m doing research on sensor data analytic in smart city targeting an application of children safety surveillance during school commute. The basic idea of using data from sensor collected from city to gain deeper insight into what happening is a common area where this TED Talk has in common with me.
The similarity ended there. Their research focus are more on the visualization and tangible interaction using physical actuator. My research ultimate goal is to find an efficient method in intelligence situation awareness so to prevent crime or accident those may happen to young children.
Big Data analysis in my research requires not just how to deal with large amount of sensor data from a city but also how to interpret or extract useful information that was not possible before.
One of the crucial thing that I learned from his research is the importance of data visualization planning. Without clear picture of what benefits a graphical model may bring to the table, the research effort may look like a piece of art than a contribution to the academic community.

IoT, trillion of sensors, and their interoperability



What do you think?

How I wish Titanium Mobile to be better: Problem upgrading Titanium CLI to 3.2.0

I think I have found the possible root cause. Comment first; I know many of Titanium developers are from the Web world, and are not very familiar with full-blown software development environment outside WebKit. That’s why I find many questions and answers in this forum to be a little of low quality. This is not to offend anyone, I understand because I were like you before, a Web developer, until I got a proper degree in Computer Engineer almost 7 years ago.

It’s also something staffs at Appcelerator will have to tolerate with. But actually having a helpful and intelligible user community is one of the success factors of a framework. After using Titanium Mobile for a while, I find that the documentation can be much much better in help educating the community (Though currently it is already considered good). Look at Symfony Web framework, it has successfully bring former monkey PHP coder like me to learn best coding practices and leverage the development skill to the next level. I wish to see that in Titanium Mobile as well. By having more organized and comprehensive documentation rather than a few simple tutorials just to get amateur developer in, the community will grow to become strong and knowledgable and finally benefits the ecosystem in return.

To give an idea, the documents could possibly targeting at Web developer who knows very little about software development tools/workflow/practices, to have a smooth transition from the Web world and at the same time learn about how to properly develop software ( explanation of npm’s basic is a good example).

One more thing before I explain how to update CLI to titanium 3.2.0 (I was getting stuck at 3.1.2 too), I tried searching for iOS QR Code reader module in Google and found many links to this forum where almost all replies are pointing to outdated module from someone, and nothing about Ti’s official QR Code module until I try searching in modules’ market at last resort. The module is even underrated even though it’s working ( I know there are some mis-resolving but with some workaround this is ok). I think Ti need someone to oversee these matters, you guys built great platform but have no awesome way to represent it!

Ok, enough for comment for my beloved Titanium. Here is the solution I found:

For those of you who don’t want the details do this: ( Mac OS X or Linux, I don’t know Windows command)

  1. In command line, run ‘npm bin -g’ (of course without ‘ ).
  2. You should see current configuration setting for bin directory; make note of the return value, it is the path where npm program is being installed to.In my system this is /Applications/Titanium Studio/TitaniumStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/Password:/usr/local/bin
    Obviously, Titanium installation has changed my default npm installation prefix! And it is not in my PATH environment variable so the newly installed titanium package will never get called, but the old module which is still installed some where in the system is still intact! 

    I don’t know how this Titanium setting has creeped in, but the setting is derived from ‘/usr/local/etc/npmrc’ file.

    In your case this may be different, just follow on.

  3. Type ‘which titanium’ and note the path returned; that is the path of current titanium version you are using.
  4. If the path’s value from 2) and 3) doesn’t seem to match ( e.g. 2) = /usr/local/bin 3) = /some/other/dir ) I means you have two install location, which must be the case if after installing new version of titanium CLI but you still calling the old one.
  5. Run ‘sudo npm config set prefix /usr/local’ which will revert back the npm prefix for bin and lib/node_module (global package install location) to the default.
  6. Now install titanium again using ‘sudo npm install titanium -g’
  7. This is optionally but you may want to delete whatever in and over path from 2) and related stuffs. It’s old npm’s installation after we have changed prefix in step 5)

Hope this helps.



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Geospatial Beginner’s Good Read

Geographic Coordinates on a sphere
Geographic Coordinates on a sphere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a complete newbie in Geospatial field, I find this article from Jan Philip Matuschek very useful. The article talks about how to efficiently find a Point of Interest within a specific range under geographic coordinate system (Latitude, Longitude) using a bounding box principle.

Even if you haven’t take any introductory class in GIS before, this material is gentle enough as a good starting point for you to research how our earth coordination is being designed and actually do some calculation with it like determining inclusion of any particular coordinate(s) within a radius of a point.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Here are some additional resources I used to refresh some basic knowledges, definitions and terminologies in reading this article.


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My (Geeky) Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

It has been many years in a row you haven’t grant my wishes. In fact, never. I sometimes cast a doubt on why you never sue every department store for mimicking you but never actually giving away free stuff.

I can only guess may be anonymity is so important to you than protecting your intellectual property rights.

Or probably you have to read a million letters sent to you from kids all around the world and it’s so overwhelming that at a point you decided not to give anyone a present because you couldn’t distributed it fairly.

I can’t help but feeling sympathy for you being in such a difficult situation each year.

So I come up with an idea. This year I have no wish for myself, as I always did for many many years but instead I have a wish for YOU.

Probably no one has ever asked one. Trust me I am not going to ask you naughty things.

Dear Santa, I wish you remain myth for the rest of my life.

You are a good representative for true source of imagination. At least during our childhood.

People tend to forget this skill as they grow.

However, there are many still thriving to live their dream.

If you suddenly appear, you will doom those people.

Because if we know you are real, we will be afraid that everything is in a real context of what the world is as we see.

We will have no space for imagination.

And for you, people will say, ok finally there he is Santa!

Your name will be on the news headlines.

You will be questioned a lot in many interviews and TV channels.

You may also become an overnight superstar.

But all these will happen in a few weeks, if not days.

There will be more interesting trends to talk about.

Really, at this point, no one will really care about you, they have works to do.

Kids will start to give you a more demanding presents, knowing your address from Google.

You will have to prepare a good answer for why you can’t deliver all the presents on time and like exact demands.

The world is a busy place, Santa; you probably have known that for long that you never decide to appear in public.

Thank you for always being our imaginary figure, for we learn how to give and teach our children to be well-behaved during Christmas season.

For we know no limit of our imagination, we will keep trying to achieve the unachievable. We will live our dream until it become true under our own hands.

Wanted: Santa Claus
Wanted: Santa Claus (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

君がいればそれで良い – Kimi ga ireba sorede ii – Chords คอร์ด


” Kimi ga ireba sorede ii “

Artist : Shigeru Matsuzaki
Lyric : Yasushi Akimoto
Melodies : Sho Mitake

G                  Em                D
Nagai kami kakiageta yubisakiga

Bm             Am                   D

Marude komorebi mitaini

Em      Am      D
Kono mune ni tokimeite mabushiine

G              Em                    D
Dakishimeta nukumorino omosadake

Bm             Am                   D
Kono ude ni ima kanjite mitsumeau

Em      Am      D
hitomino naka ni…
* Kimiga ireba sorede ii

sorede ii

Bm       C

Shinji aeta nara 

         Am                    D     D7
hokaniwa hoshikunai 

Kimiga ireba sorede ii

sorede ii

Bm        G        D        Am
Inochi no kagiri bokuwa kimiwo 

    G           D         C  (D7)
towani bokuwa kimiwo 


Yukkurito kuchibiruwo kasanereba
Kaze ni kotoba wo saraware
Ishidatami hosoikage ugokenai
Tasogare ga kuru mae ni
mou ichido
Kagayaita toki atsumete
tojikomeru kioku no nakani…

* Ai ga areba sorede ii
sorede ii
Yume kara sametemo
mamotte agerukara
Ai ga areba sorede ii
sorede ii
Nani ga attemo bokuwa kimiwo
itsumo bokuwa kimiwo

* Kimiga ireba sorede ii
sorede ii
Soba ni iru dakede
subete ga wakarukara
Kimiga ireba sorede ii
sorede ii
Inochi no kagiri bokuwa kimiwo
towani bokuwa kimiwo